Pakistan Adam Motors


Since its Inception in 2000, we have continued to develop “Pakistan Adam Motors” from a 3-S Dealerships of different companies for North Region to what is now a company exclusively representing World renowned Automobile Manufacturers in Pakistan. Today this company’s structure enables us to provide you with exactly those capacities and skills which you need for the success of your projects. The optimum co-operation between all the technical disciplines of our company has long become a matter of daily routine. It leads to specific relationship from which you, as a client can benefit. The reasons for our successful growth were and still are the high technical qualifications of our employees, whose skills we continue to develop. This is complemented by our company policy, which meets the special requirements imposed on our professional services. In order to continue our successful work into the future, it is our responsibility to work in close contact with our clients and business partners on a firm basis of trust. Solutions to problems can only be achieved by means of ongoing process of constructive dialogue with you. We have created a structure, which allows this dialogue to take place where it is most needed locally.



Fiaz ur Rahman
(Managing Director)